Sunday, January 17, 2010

Striking Out On My Own

Well, this is weird.

For those people who know me really, really well, you know that I prefer the interactive blog experience that the Daily WTF? Series on WEbook represented for me. The experience really opened up my blogging, to the point that I abandoned all other attempts and became heart-and-soul dedicated to that project series.

As it turns out, I find myself in need of the ability to extricate myself from my online gang.

This is a bittersweet thing to me. I mean, I like the thought that people will seek out my opinion and mine alone, but . . .I love my gang, and I'll miss their insightful, affectionate, and imaginative comments.

At any rate, I will simply have to rededicate myself to blogging in this format. I can do it. I can be a grown-up and stand on my own. I only hope everyone at the Daily WTF? knows that no matter how far afield I wander, I will always love the interactive blog.



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