Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Review!

A Dog's PurposeA Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes, you just need to read a book about a dog -- a good dog, a faithful dog.

We all want to believe in Ultimate Goodness. I suppose that's why religion as a belief system persists; it purports to represent Ultimate Goodness and nobility. Unfortunately, the actions undertaken either to promote or punish the religious are anything but good. Even our heroes, from firemen to philanthropists, fall well short of Ultimate Goodness. Yes, I know that makes their nobility even more noble, when they're able to shrug off the mantle of material baseness that binds us all, but a story about an uncomplicated, Good creature? It is, quite frankly, impossible to pull off for a human protagonist.

That's what makes this story so exceptional. Bailey is a dog. He pretends to be nothing else. He doesn't pretend to understand what motivates people. He is unabashed in his doggy-ness, because it's what he knows. He also knows that there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, better than the feeling of being loved and belonging.

I won't say anything more about this book except this: When you feel your faith flagging that there is anything pure in this world, READ THIS BOOK -- then hug a dog.

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