Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Political Rant on Election Day. How . . .Unique.

Okay, if you don't like political diatribes, please exit now.  If you consider yourself a loyal Republican or a loyal Democrat, also, duck out now.  You have been warned.  It's not just hot in the kitchen where I'm cooking up my resentment, it's scalding.

Who's left?  My fellow independents, or those people who lean that way?  Great.  Listen up, people.  This is really important to me.

I know you're pissed off.  I know you get pissed off pretty often -- what is it, every 2 or 4 years?  You flock out to the polls and show off how pissed off you are.  You vote out the clowns who have most recently disappointed you.  The problem with the current method, though, is that you're voting back in the clowns you voted out the last time we did this dance.

Stop it!  Just . . .stop it!

Why are you swinging between the same two branches and wondering why you can't find any fresh fruit?  The ideas are the same, every time.  They promise change.  They promise a return to the founding principles of the country.  They promise lower taxes, a healthy retirement, and good education for your children.  And you buy it.

Right?  I mean, that's why you're voting for these people . . .isn't it?

No, that's right, we've already discussed this.  You're voting against the other people.  That's right.  To punish them.

But how long is that effective, if they know you'll just vote them in next time?

Stop it, I said!

There are other parties, ya know.  Parties who haven't been given a real chance.  Parties who more closely represent you than the following:

DEMOCRATS: Who don't mind putting the country in debt and putting you in a state of perpetual dependence by offering unlimited welfare and socialist reform systems.

REPUBLICANS:  Who preach about smaller government while all the time expanding the roles of the CIA, FBI, and DEA to regulate who you should love and how you should live.  Oh, and they don't mind having us in debt, either.

Why do we keep voting for these idiots?  Let's face some reality: Welfare doesn't work.  It makes us dependent, like children.  We need to stop living like somebody owes us something and get ours for ourselves.  And we need to get all of these G-men out of our bedrooms, rec rooms, and happy places.


Because later is just going to piss you off again.

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