Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Character Interview: Tom Strausser

Recently (like, several minutes ago, or more accurately, as I go) I met with Tom Strausser, one of the heroes in my first novel, Corona.  Tom took some time away from his active tour schedule.  He felt he had no choice.

TS:  I didn't have a choice.  You're the Creator.

MJ:  Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Put that trash to rest.

TS:  You know I can't.  I survived the adventure, after all.

MJ:  Are you sure it really happened?

TS:  What -- the Corona thing?  Of course it did.  I wouldn't have met Rose if it hadn't happened.

MJ:  Are you sure?

TS:  Wait -- what are you implying?

MJ:  Well, you and Rose keep telling people you met on match-dot-com.  Are you sure that's not really what happened?

TS:  Is this the interview?  Cuz I gotta tell you, it stinks to high heaven.

MJ:  Okay, fine.  Let's leave existentialism off the table for now.  Did being in Jaenrye teach you anything?

TS:  Uh . . .meaning what?

MJ:  Tom, come on.  Did you discover the hero inside you?


MJ:  Stop that!

TS:  Come on, don't ask me questions like that.  You know I'm not comfortable with them. 

MJ:  Why not?

TS:  They're goofy.

MJ:  Fine.  How about this one:  Do you have to curse so much?

TS:  What the fuck are you talking about?

MJ:    Okay, it's clear I'm not going to get you to say anything significant, so let me just ask you this:  Are you looking forward to the adventures facing you and Rose in CRUCIBLE?

TS:  Sure!  --Oh, wait.  Shouldn't I be?  Aww, man, hang on, what's going to happen to us?

MJ:  Okay, that's all for now --

TS:  WAIT!  You can't just leave me hangin' here.  What happens?  Shit.

MJ:  Tom, thanks for joining us.  I'll see you soon, and you'll find out what happens to you guys then.  Kiss kiss!

TS:  SON of a bitch!  You are just not right.

Well, that was fun.  :)

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